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Kajol:I Reached the Top Despite My Thunder Thighs!

Kajol at Max Stardust Awards 2012 at Bhavans College Grounds in Mumbai on Friday, February 10.
Kajol at an Awards show. Photo Credit:

August 06, 2012, ( – Kajols says that she was able to rise to the top in Bollywood despite being a serial style offender with thunder thighs to boot, so any suggestion that an actress needs to be size zero and wear branded clothes to succeed is utter nonsense.

The 38-year-old actress recalls she lacked confidence in those early days when she was mocked for her lack of style, but stopped caring when her films started to succeed.

“I remember reams of newsprint being written about how my thunder thighs were ruling the screen,” she told HT with a laugh.

“It was a scary time and didn’t give me a lot of confidence about the way I looked. But eventually, I realized that my films were still doing well, and I was getting more work, so I stopped caring.”

Unwittingly challenging Kareena Kapoor’s recent size zero brags, Kajol said today’s actresses are unnecessarily pressurized to stay slim and dress well.

“There’s so much emphasis on being a size zero, wearing the right brands. I don’t think I would have been able to handle this pressure.”

Kajol, who covers the latest issue of Vogue, was asked if she is anxious over her return to films from the long sabbatical that followed the birth of her second child, son Yug, in 2010, in view of the time she had taken to gain recognition earlier.

Kajol retorted, “I don’t think I will ever be off the market as an actress. I want to act even when I’m 70. I could play the sexy, stunning grandmother.”

Kajol, may not be size zero but she has turned a fitness freak who now looks more toned and stylish than she has looked ever before.

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