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Priyanka Chopra And Abhishek Bachchan in Dostana Director’s Latest Flick?

Priyanka Chopra at the launch of Nikon’s Coolpix Collection for Spring Summer 2012 in Mumbai on Wednesday, April 11.
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August 20, 2012, ( – After scrapping the Dostana sequel plans, Tarun Mansukhani wants to cast Priyanka Chopra and Abhishek Bachchan in his next directorial for Dharma, but for that he has a task on hand – he must get Priyanka and the film’s producer Karan Johar’s dostana revived!

Tarun and Priyanka are very good friends. Tarun had even written a cameo role for Priyanka in Dostana 2.

Even though the buzz of Priyanka and Johar having cleared their difference have been doing the rounds, in reality the things have not thawed completely. An insider gives the scoop to Mumbai Mirror.

“Tarun is very keen to cast Priyanka and Abhishek Bachchan for the new film that he is directing for Dharma. Whether he actually succeeds in breaking the final communication barriers between Karan Johar and Priyanka after her explosive ‘cupcake allegations’, would depend entirely on how generous Karan chooses to be with people who have offended him in the past,” says the source.

Karan is known to give his directors a free hand as far as the film’s title and casting is concerned.

“Karan has apparently told Mansukhani that it’s the director’s call to cast whoever he wants. However, whether that translates into getting Priyanka back into the Dharma fold, remains to be seen,” added the source.

Knowing how much influence KJo has in the industry, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for the Chopra girl to patch up with him. (Successful directors have a longer shelf life than actresses, even ones as hot as her.) Of course, only time will tell.

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